Android-branded NFC tags and key fob

NFC: convenient, affordable and versatile

For clocking in, information and attendance management – and much more

Near field communication, or NFC, is an innovative technology that greatly extends the possibilities – and reduces the costs – of clocking-in and recording staff attendance. It can also bring automation to a variety of work tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Expanding the options for clocking in

NFC uses the equivalent of a proximity tag, which an employee waves close to a device to record attendance. That’s nothing new – but what makes easyLog NFC technology exciting is that it comes on widely available tablet PCs and smart phones, substantially cutting the cost of buying a traditional clocking-in terminal.

That means staff can clock-in at a wall mounted tablet and then, using software easyLog has developed, be presented with further options – to request holiday and review their remaining entitlement, for example, or collect and send messages to their manager. For our care home customers it means that one tablet can be used for both recording staff attendance and running our care-Logger app for recording and viewing the care provided to each resident.

  • Record staff attendance with a tablet or mobile phone

  • wave a tag over a device to see messages, holiday, rota and pay information

  • access care records automatically by presenting the tablet to a resident’s room tag

  • wave a phone near a home care service user tag to display care requirements, visit information, care plans and risk assessments

Recording attendance anywhere – the possibilities are endless

The possibilities and options extend even further when using NFC on the move.

An NFC tag or token can be placed in a location – a room, a property, a storage rack in a warehouse or a security point on a guard tour, for instance – and when an employee waves a smartphone or tablet near the tag, the NFC reader recognises the location.

Again, the options that follow can be as simple or sophisticated as you like.

An employee can be asked to record if he or she is leaving or entering the location. In a care home or hospital, the user can be presented with key health information about the resident or patient present, including an image to confirm identity, and then record the care they are providing – we can even provide NFC tags in wristband form if you want. In a stock room the operator can use the system to identify the expected stock level and then confirm or enter the actual quantity found.