Site Supervisor and Staff Portal rota apps

Simple, fast and efficient staff rota management on any device

Managing a staff rota can be time consuming and complicated at the best of times – and even more so when there are last minute changes to make. But with easyLog’s Site Supervisor rota app you can put the hours spent manually adjusting a spreadsheet behind you and tweak your rota whenever and wherever you want simply by tapping a screen.

So much more than a spreadsheet

Originally created to help cleaning and maintenance companies organise jobs, the Site Supervisor app has been reimagined to enable supervisors to allocate staff and manage absences quickly and easily on any device with an internet connection.

Time-saving benefits include:

  • Rotas can be created quickly and easily using standard shift times or on an ad-hoc basis
  • Staff can be assigned a standard shift, modified standard shift or a manually-entered period
  • Multiple shift times and specific sites can be allocated on an individual day
  • The rota can be displayed for all staff or by site, showing all the shifts allocated to employees across different sites
  • Simple recording of sickness, holiday and other absences for accurate payroll management

Share shifts fast with the Staff Portal app

Sharing shift information quickly and reliably with your workers is essential for a smooth running rota – especially when you have last minute changes.

Our Staff Portal smartphone app sends shift details direct to employees’ phones as soon as the rota is set. The basic app displays the employee’s shifts across a definable date range and their timesheet, as well as holidays booked and taken. With the Staff Portal Plus version, they can also use the app to confirm their shifts and other related tasks, such as managing leave and expenses – all direct from their phones.

Achieve even greater efficiencies with an attendance recording app

The Site Supervisor app can be coupled with any of our attendance recording options. Clockings will then be passed directly into easyLog’s timesheet software, making calculating correct pay fast and simple.

Find out more

Find out how easyLog customer Brogan Group is using our Site Supervisor and employee attendance apps in our blog. You can also talk to one of our team on 01892 834406.