e-Log+Sb: browser-based rota management

Create and update staff rotas anywhere you have an internet connection

If you are constantly on the move, or just want to be able to work seamlessly across several devices, easyLog’s e-Log+Sb software lets you create and manage your staff rotas wherever you have access to a web browser. So you can make adjustments up to the very last minute.

Rota software highlights

Alarm panel – The first screen you see when you login, this highlights attendance issues such as staff running late, leaving too early or not appearing for a shift. Alarms can be automatically emailed to key personnel and settings are definable – if an employee does not attend the start of a shift or after 10 minutes, for instance.

Attendance screen – A dynamic screen displays attendance issues in coded colours, providing instant awareness of occurring or imminent problems.

Rota creation – Rotas are created using standard shift times selected from a dropdown menu or on an ad-hoc basis. Employees can be assigned to work with specific clients and multiple shift times can be applied on an individual day, providing those times do not overlap. The rota can be displayed by specific work group or for all current staff. Employees can belong to more than one work group and their shifts within each will be shown, irrespective of the job function being viewed.

Find out more...

Like the rest of the e-Log+ software suite, e-Log+Sb operates on almost any device with a web browser – including PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet and iPad. Click here to find out more about the timesheet management module, e-LogTSM and the human resources module, e-Log+HR.

Ideal rota – A definable repeating pattern (for example, weekly or two weekly) can be set per employee if staff work regular shifts to simplify rota creation.

Holidays and sickness absence – Sickness, holiday and other absence reasons, such as maternity leave, can be placed on the rota for any time/day. Absences can be marked as occurring for the whole or part of a shift for more accurate payroll processing.

Payroll authorisation and attendance – easyLog offers a variety of staff attendance recording options, from smartphone apps and an 0800 landline-based service to fixed devices such as tablets and biometric terminals. The software automatically compares attendance records against shift times and produces a pay analysis report. An authorisation routine allows you to decide whether to pay, part pay or disallow a period if there is a discrepancy.

Flexitime working – Definable start and end times and the ability to monitor minimum hours within a defined period make managing staff on flexible contracts straightforward.

At a glance...

  • can be used on Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers plus iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 10 devices

  • suitable for users that are either office-based or spend much of their time working remotely

  • easy to use, clear and uncluttered screens with client branding automatically incorporated

  • simple two-step process to get started – simply download an app and begin using it