Browser-based human resources

Manage employee records and training in the office or on the move

If you work on the move, there is nothing more frustrating than not having access to all the information you need. As part of easyLog’s suite of web- based staff management software, e-Log+HR lets you perform core human resources tasks wherever you have access to a browser – from planning training activity to updating staff records and ensuring that qualifications are up to date. These are the key features.

Alarm panel

Shown when you first login to the software, this highlights any HR actions that require action, such as training due for renewal, DBS or passport expiry.

Employee records

Data is presented in a clear spreadsheet style for ease of use and can be easily updated. Former employee records continue to be held in the software and can be displayed as and when required using a filter button.

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Training records

Create a training record by selecting training courses from a definable dropdown list. You can also define the period required for a training course renewal warning. Each record displays all the training an employee has had, with start, completion and expiry dates.

Qualification record

The qualifications screen allows you to record employees’ qualifications gained during their current employment and in previous roles.