Browser-based timesheets

Analyse staff attendance and timesheet data on any device with an internet connection

easyLog’s suite of web-based staff management applications has been designed so you can carry out key tasks quickly and easily anywhere you have access to a web browser. They are built around our core timesheet management module, e-LogTSM – software that enables you to analyse essential attendance data and generate reports on employees’ working hours. These are some of the key features.


Locations are identified by GPS coordinates and/or other data returned when employees record attendance with an easyLog clocking system.

Employee list

Employee data is presented in a familiar spreadsheet style. Former employee records are retained and can be displayed as required.

Client records

Multiple locations can be defined against an individual organisation so reports can include all sites within a client portfolio.

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Employee fraud prevention built-in

A View Location option automatically links to Google Maps to display the exact point where an attendance record was made and the date and time of the clocking. This counters attempts to disguise lateness or early departure by changing the time on a phone.


  • Raw attendance data can be viewed, edited and added to across selectable date ranges.
  • Time reports enable timesheets to be viewed by employee, client, site and job function within a location.
  • Reporting options include detailed, summary and average views.
  • Timesheets can also be rounded according to definable criteria and unpaid breaks can be user defined for automatic deduction – 30 minutes for a shift of six hours and 60 minutes for a shift of 11 hours, for example.
  • Data can be reorganised by clicking on any column title. All reports can be exported into Excel or a PDF file.