Flexible payroll reporting software

Authorise employees’ hours from the rota or clockings quickly and easily

Payroll reporting is available with varied functionality on all our products. Whether you are just looking to authorise hours based on raw employee clockings or an electronic rota with no clockings, or you want to make a comparison between an electronic rota and employee clockings, easyLog software can handle it. And if you pay staff different hourly rates for working in different roles or at different sites, our solutions will make your payroll analysis - and life – a whole lot easier.

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For further information or to arrange an online demo, please call us on 01892 834406. You can find out more about our staff rota and attendance management products from the links on the right.


At a glance...

  • Authorise rota and/or clockings into payroll hours

  • Deduct breaks

  • Show holiday, sickness and other absence

  • Multiple pay rates

  • Public holidays

  • Budget forecast feature

Want the freedom to work on the move?

Our rota, clocking and employee management systems are now available on mobile devices. With our web browser-based solutions and software options for tablet computers, you and your staff can really work anywhere, any time.