Health and safety attendance app

Know where your staff are instantly with our cloud-based muster software

Complying with health and safety regulations is part of every employer's duty of care to their staff. And knowing where employees’ are at all times is essential in ensuring their welfare – especially if they work remotely.

easyLog’s web browser-based health and safety attendance software, running on a cloud platform, ensures that you will always have the complete and current picture of where your staff are and that their well-being is monitored.

Panic alerts for lone workers

easyLog’s Log-In app allows staff to record their attendance on their smartphone. Importantly for staff safety and security, the app has a panic button feature that, when activated, automatically sends an email to definable staff and displays an alarm in the easyLog software module. The app records the GPS coordinates at the point when the alarm was raised and a link in the software allows the location to be viewed in Google Maps so that an efficient and appropriate response can be provided.

Safe roll calls in an emergency or evacuation

easyLog’s Attendance Indicator automatically displays details of employees currently on any site on a smartphone, tablet or PC platform. The list of staff currently in the building can also be displayed on an overhead monitor – with optional pictures – for visitors to see who is currently on duty.

Being web browser-based, the Attendance Indicator software is independent of any local hardware or network and therefore a muster list or roll-call can be performed on a smartphone or tablet PC with an internet connection safely outside the site where an alarm has been raised.

The Indicator works with any of our staff attendance recording methods, from an app on employees' smartphones to specialist handheld devices and fixed terminals using biometric recognition or more traditional card or tag.


At a glance...

  • Online, permanent health and safety awareness

  • Panic alerts automatically sent to a nominated person or team

  • Cloud-based roll call will always be available even if the local network is unavailable

  • No need to wait for a printout in an emergency

  • Always has current list of on-site employees

  • Attendance board can be displayed on a monitor to show who is on duty