Building and construction remote site attendance

Ensure workers arrive at and leave building sites on time

Technology is transforming the way construction workers and other employees clock in and out of building sites, providing affordable attendance monitoring options to suit every employer and location. From mobile phones and tablet computers to biometric devices, we’ve got a 21st century staff monitoring system to suit your remote construction site.

Our hardware and software can be mixed and matched to meet any requirement.

From simple clockings to full rota and payroll systems

Software available ranges from simple web views of actual clockings through to full rota and payroll systems . Tablet options are available so managers can view data on the move.

To find out more, please explore the links on this page. If you want any help or advice  on the most suitable options for your way of working, just call us on 01892 834406.

Devices for any number of staff and sites

Hardware includes handheld clocking-in devices for use where a small number of workers visit a large number of remote building sites, as well as fixed devices for situations where a larger number of construction staff attend fewer work locations. These devices can operate with biometric or tag-based media, depending on the environment.

They can be off-line devices that store clocking data for downloading later or communicate directly with your main system via GPRS SIM cards. Some devices can be used with battery rather than mains power – making them ideal for sites without a reliable electricity supply. We also have apps that turn smartphones into low-cost clocking devices.