Web-based timesheets, scheduling and HR

Simple, use-anywhere software applications to get you up and running fast

Hot desking, site visits, multiple locations – these days working life often involves moving around. So easyLog has designed a suite of web-based applications enabling core staff management tasks to be carried out quickly and easily anywhere you have access to a browser.

Our e-Log+ web-based software operates on almost any device with an internet browser, including PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet and iPad. The suite currently comprises:

  • e-LogTSM – a timesheet management module that adds up timesheets based on staff recording their attendance at single or multiple sites/client locations. Attendance records can be generated using one of our tablet or smartphone apps, our 0800 landline service, traditional clocking devices using tags or biometrics – such as finger, hand or face recognition – or one of our specialist devices for mobile workers. Read more about browser-based timesheet management
  • e-Log+Sb – a staff scheduling module that delivers a simple approach to creating a rota, dynamically monitoring that staff have arrived at the right time and paying them correctly with output to third party payroll systems, if required. Shift times that are worked regularly can be defined as standard and easily selected for pasting on to the rota.

The eLog+Sb module also allows one-off shifts to be applied to a staff schedule at selectable pay rates for employees to be assigned to work complete or partial shifts with defined clients and locations. Read more about our browser-based rota software

  • e-Log+HR – a human resources module providing key information about your staff. A customisable alarm panel warns about training renewals, DBS checks approaching expiry and issues such as passports, visas and police checks for overseas workers. Read more about our browser-based human resources module

If you want any help finding the best solution for your organisation and way of working, just call one of our team on 01892 834406.